“You, a bed, the sea” (3)

aka Har$
9 min readApr 1, 2023
A broken cassette tape near a tree trunk on the pavement in the Amsterdam Pijp, with the tape spilling out.


“It is Friday. I woke up around 11:30. I didn’t sleep well, yesterday. Because I had some visions. I mean … strange, I was thinking that the music was following me, everywhere.
Now it is Friday night, around 3 o’clock Greek time. And I have been trying to call you from 2:30 on! But always the line is busy.

I’m watching Partyzone on MTV, and at the same time I am thinking about new guests for Jiggers. Today I got back from work at 2:30. I could have left much earlier, but it was fun. I went there at around 3:30 in the afternoon. It is on the other side of Athens, it is far, so I never really go there often. Today I went there waiting for the skaters that I arranged to come and do show stuff.
And they came, and we had fun.
They were, you know, kids, between 17 and 21 years old. And they were real skaters. Haha, and they were funny, talking with me like I were the serious one.
Then also the didgeridoo guy came.
He was great, he fascinated everybody.
My sister tried to play some didgeridoo for the show, but it was impossible. Everybody was jealous of him, the technicians, the cameramen…

There’s a guy on the team who’s about my age. He’s nice. We work together and, you know, he has almost the same mind with me, and eh … but don’t you worry … don’t worry …
He’s in love, for 3 years already now, with a girl. But he seems to like me, and we have fun with each other and we, we laugh during the show and gossip about everybody and, eh, he was telling me like:’O my god, what kind of life am I doing, for a year now I’ve been working from one night until the other night … But what I really want to do is leave everything and play the didgeridoo, like this guys does!’
The others were saying the same thing, exactly …

What else?

The guests arrived and all was okay. But we had to do the trailer, for the beginning of the show. So we went outside to Athens with the van and with cameras and stuff. My sister was wearing a black dress with a red nylon … thing … on her. And she was playing the saxophone … Or, of course she was not playing it, but she was trying to play it. She…



aka Har$

is Harold Schellinx, a writer, artist, scientist living, working & roaming Amsterdam & elsewhere (harsmedia.com).