“You, a bed, the sea” (1)

aka Har$
9 min readApr 1, 2023
A broken cassette tape near a tree trunk on the pavement in the Amsterdam Pijp, with the tape spilling out.

“It is Wednesday around 7.30 or 8 o’clock here in the afternoon. I had a difficult day today. The only good part was that I got your letter. Although I couldn’t stop crying when you were talking about dolphins and medusas and seals …

… ‘one-two-three’ … ‘check’ … ‘one-two-two’ … ‘hoe-hoe’ …

I was just trying if the tape is recording properly, because it is a very old tape and I recorded a lot of things on it, many times before. Anyway.

Life in Greece is the same as always.
I am sitting alone in this beautiful house of mine, which doesn’t seem to be that beautiful today. I should clean it up a bit. At the very least. Things are in the right position, but there’s dust everywhere. And you know, the dirt, the dirt, the dirt… You know that I can feel it.
I was so bored today that I did the laundry, but I haven’t put the clothes in the sun, outside, yet. They’re still in the bucket, waiting for me to put them out. Also the garbage can filled up and I don’t put that out either.

I am very blue.
Very blue is what I am.

I started working for the Jiggers. I don’t know yet how much money I will get, or if it’ll be just a temporary job or if it’s gonna be a fixed one.
I’m not sure what I want, really.
On the one hand I really do…



aka Har$

is Harold Schellinx, a writer, artist, scientist living, working & roaming Amsterdam & elsewhere (harsmedia.com).